Panchatantra stories in sanskrit

Panchatantra stories in sanskrit: Panchatantra is an ancient Indian collection of various mythological stories related to kids, animals, philosophy, philanthropy and moral values. These stories have been very popular among people since a long time. Kids read these stories with a great interest. Panchatantra stories provide a moral value and a lesson to the readers. Even adults have a huge interest in reading stories.

panchatantra stories in sanskrit
The indian epic Panchatantra was written by “vishnu sharma”. These ancient interesting stories have spread across all the parts of the world and have been translated in various languages viz. sanskrit, tamil, english, telugu, malayalam etc.

Here, we have gathered some very famous panchatantra stories in sanskrit with hindi translation. You can read them in all three languages –

  • panchatantra stories in sanskrit with english translation
  • panchatantra stories in sanskrit with hindi translation
  • Panchatantra stories in hindi
  • Panchatantra stories in English

List of Best panchatantra stories in sanskrit ,with moral ,with hindi and English translation:

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