Relationships Terms in Sanskrit

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Relationships Terms in Sanskrit

Father पिता
Grandfather पितामहः
Grandmother मातामह:
Son पुत्र:
Brother सहोदरः
Elder Brotherअग्रजः
Younger Brother अनुजः
Uncle मातुल:
Husband पति :
Father in lawश्वशुरः
Son in law जामाता
Friend स्नेहितः
Friend मित्रम्
Mother जननी
Mother माता
Grandmother पितामहि
Grandmother मातामहि
Sister सहोदरी
Elder Sister अग्रजा
Younger Sister अनुजा
Aunt मातुलानी
Wife भार्या
Brother's Wife भ्रातृजाया
Daughter in law स्नुषा
Mother in lawश्वश्रू

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