Post office items names in sanskrit

Post office Material Names in Sanskrit

Post office Material Names in Sanskrit

In this post, we have gathered some of the most searched terminologies related to Post office items in Sanskrit. These Sanskrit terms are searched daily by many internet users. These are asked frequently in many competitive examinations also. We have prepared this list after thorough research. If you find any errror or misspelling, kindly let us know in the comments. We shall update this list accordingly. This way it will help all the readers. So, Here goes the list of Post office items in sanskrit.

BookPost पुस्तकप्रेष​:
Coin नाणकम्
Cover पिहितपत्रम्
Fax Machineदुरप्रकाशनयन्त्रम्
Fax दुरप्रकाशनम्
From सकाशात्
Inland Letterदेशाभ्यन्तरपत्रम् , अन्तर्देशीयपत्रम्
Letter पत्रम्
Moneyorder धनप्रेष​:
Post Cardप्रेष्पत्रकम् , समपत्रम्
Postage पत्रशुल्कम्
Post Boxपत्रपेटिका
Registerd Letterपञ्जीकृतपत्रम्
Reply Cardउत्तरपत्रकम्
Seal मुद्रा
Stamp मूल्याङ्क​:
Telegram तन्त्रीवार्ता , दुरलेख​:
Telegraph तारप्रेष​:
VPP देयमूल्यप्रेष​:

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