Name of Flowers in Sanskrit

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Flower names in Sanskrit

Flowers are the symbol of excitement and happiness in life.They always inspire us to succeed in life.There is an estimate more than 400,000 varieties of flowers on the earth. Some flowers are very common in our surroundings and some are very rare. Not everyone knows the names of all flowers around them.

In this post, we shall learn the sanskrit names of all the flowers around us. Especially, It is very important to teach children abou these sanskrit words for flowers. Here is the List:

Butterfly Peaशङ्खपुष्पम्
champa flowerकुसुमाधिप
China Roseजपाकुसुमम्
Jungle Geraniumपारन्ती
Leuca Indicaद्रोणपुष्पम्
Lily Flowerसुदर्शना
Night Jasmineपारिजातम्
Night Lotusकुमुदम्
Royal Jasmineजाति
Screw Pineकेतकी
Strobilanthes kunthianaनीला
White Crownमन्दार​:

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